Single Black Crew Neck (1 Shirt)

Under Comfort

$ 4.95 $ 20.00

Fabric:   100% Pima Cotton

Color:   Black

Style:   Crew Neck

Added length, tailored cut and our tension reducing arm design makes the Tucked Tee Crew stay tucked in all day long.  
With our SUPERIOR PIMA cotton fabric the Tuck Tee feels incredibly soft against your body without constricting against your skin.
The Tucked Tee Crew's true black color makes the shirt a perfect option for those in law enforcement, military or being a certified bad boy.
Size Length Width
S 28 1/4" 35 1/2"
M 30 1/4" 38 1/2"
L 32 1/4" 43"
XL 34 1/4" 47 1/2"
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