A Better Design for You

The design we have created for you is simply, better!

Take 3 seconds. Raise your hands above your head and see what happens to the bottom of your shirt.  


What is wrong with your shirt

Some companies' cheap "solution" to the shirt coming untucked is to only add length to the bottom of the shirt. Unfortunately, additional length creates a new problem: A bunching of cloth above the belt line.

We have found a solution to not only keep your undershirt tucked, but to eliminate excess fabric from bunching above the belt line.

The secret is in the armpit area of the Tucked Tee undershirt. We re-engineered the stitching under the sleeve. This design takes away from the stress on the seams of the shirt. 

The result: less stress on the undershirt during regular movement, allowing the shirt to stay in place. 

Try a Tucked Tee from Under Comfort. We are absolutely confident you will be incredibly impressed with how this undershirt performs.