New Designs!

New Designs!

New Under Comfort Designs are Coming! 

As the New Year approached millions of people across America had already planed a list of things they wanted to accomplish in 2017.  Some of those things probably included losing weight, giving up sugar, saving for retirement or spending more time with family.  As we all are very much aware, the problem with New Years resolutions is that many of them fail to survive the dreaded month of January.  For those that do, statistics say that only 9.2% of people are ever successful with that resolution (Statistic Brain).  

Why do resolutions fail?  Who knows.  I don't.  What I do know though is way back in high school we we taught how to create a strong goal.  They called it the SMART goal.  Each of the letters in SMART was to represent a characteristic that a well designed goal should have.

S- Specific

M- Measurable

A- Attainable

R- Realistic

T- Time oriented 

Well for 2017 the team Under Comfort has brainstormed and engineered a goal for the company for the New Year.  To achieve this goal we figured writing down and making our customers aware would help make us accountable.  Below is a snap shot of what we want to accomplish in 2017.

* Take in feedback from our customers throughout the winter season to find what clothes they wear in which they wish could be designed better.  

* Take those problems to the drawing board and engineer a solution to the most common problem our customers have had.  

* Release a brand new Under Comfort product before the summer season, inspired by the problems our customers have had.  

We cannot complete this goal without each of you.  Make sure you give us your feedback on which products you would like to see us design for 2017.  


Under Comfort



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New Prices for 2017!

New Prices for 2017!

Since our online store launched in January 2016 we have been working hard to bring down the cost of our undershirts for our customers.  Last year, as a young start-up we struggled to find the balance between effective cost and bringing premium quality to our customer.  

While our company quickly grew it has allowed us to order our fabric in very large quantities and to cut and sew our undershirts at a much lower cost.  This has given us the opportunity to pass the savings on to our customers.  Our new 2017 prices are some of the lowest in the industry, without sacrificing any of our high-end quality.  

Our single undershirts have gone from $15.95 a piece nearly a year ago to only $7.95 a piece in 2017.  We are so glad to offer these amazing prices and look forward to unveiling our new products for 2017 this Spring!

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