What the wrong undershirt tells people about you


For years we men have been purchasing the cheapest undershirt we can find.  “As long as it fits, who cares?”  Our mentality was, buy a cheap undershirt regardless of brand since nobody would ever see it anyway.  Our undershirts were just that, under our shirts.  Therefore, we put little care and thought into what we chose to throw on each and every morning. 

What if I told you that that mindset is… senseless.  Think about this for a moment. 

Your undershirt is on your body all day long.  Wouldn’t you want a fabric that is soft on your skin and helps keep you cool? 

Think about this too, if you wear fitted or slim fit shirts your current undershirt is doing you a disservice and affecting your appearance.  Typical undershirts will either be too short to tuck-in or it may have some added length to keep the bottom of the shirt tucked-in, regardless, it is causing a problem for your appearance.  By wearing those types of undershirts you are creating a “mushroom top” around your belt line.  This mushroom top is pushing against your dress shirt and making your waist look larger than it really is.  To those who see you at the office or out after work it looks as though have a few extra inches around your belt line hanging over the top of your pants.  If you had an undershirt that fit your body’s shape and did not bulge above the belt it would appear as though you have a flat stomach, even if you don’t.  The truth is, extra baggy fabric affects your appearance by making you look out of shape and out of style.  Each morning try reaching for an undershirt that builds on your natural looks and accentuates how you want to be perceived; fashionable, fit and professional. 

Just some food for thought.

-Daren Wagner, Founder